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Now Publishing

Air Bell Music has now expanded into publishing by creating ABMC S-Corp Publishing           with ASCAP on the last day of 2019!            Right now I'm looking for singers and bands to cover my songs. You don't have to be as good as Linda Ronstadt or The Beatles- you just need talent, emotion and a fire in your belly. No charge for using my songs but if you are successful with one of them... you already have a publisher and a songwriter!  Go to "Contact Us" and give us some of your contact info and what kind of music you're into... or hit the link below and go directly to my gmail... or check us out on FB

Joined ASCAP as publisher on 12/31/19

Air Bell Music :

music recording, video & photo studio

You will find everything you need at the newly renovated ABMC Studio where we are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction in music recording, video production and photographic needs. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. I'm a paragraph. 

Logic Pro Rate with engineer & producer: $40/hour

Mix Down Rate: $30/hour

Fostex Digital Special Package: $99

2 hours recording time & 2 hours mix down time 

Call us: 315-476-1835 OR 

* Audio recording

                          * Mixing

                                      * Video recording

                                                                * Editing

                                                                             * Photography studio

                                                                                                           * Performance analysis

* Engineering

                   * Producing

                                   * Career advice

                                                         * Free initial consultation

                                                                                            * Political ads

                                                                                                                * PSA's

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